Reasons to buy today

Doesn't need to be plugged in or have batteries

No wetting lid humidifiers every week

No need to keep purchasing new humidifiers when it runs out, just refill with distilled water

No worries about dripping water on your cigars

There are no fans, so there is no noise

Lifetime Guarantee

Made in the USA

Oshkosh Premier Humidifier

Originally $69.95

Now $39.99

Lifetime Guarantee

How it works

Step One

Remove the lid and fill with about 10 ounces of distilled water.

Step Two

Replace the lid.

Step Three

Place the Oshkosh Premier Humidifier in your humidor.

What Customers Say

You can use this in a fairly sizeable humidor. And it will do the job, without electric, without batteries, without fans and without needingto be replaced. That is pretty impressive. If you pair all of that up with the really can’t go wrong

Should I Smoke This


I had a 75 count humidor I was going to throw out as neither the beads, reseasoning, nor 2 Boveda packs could get it above 60%. One came with my Oshkosh humidor and it works great been at a steady 70% since. I felt it was big, but it was what I needed.



Easy to use. Converted a patio cooler into my humidor. I didn’t want to hard wire a humidification system to it, so went with the OshKosh. I store 100+ sticks in this humidor, so bought 2!

The Bird


Easy to use well built



Great product at a great price so much better then spending constant money on cheaper set ups. Constant 69-72 humidity if every other month wet down the cedar inside humidor
I have 3 of these and they are very easy to use and keeps the cigars very soft and well maintained



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions?

The dimensions are 6.5" long x 2" wide x 2.25" high

How do you adjust the humidity?

You are able to adjust the humidity by the slide at the top of the humidifier

Do you need a separate hygrometer?

You will need a separate hygrometer to check the humidity level

Oshkosh Premier Humidifier

With the Oshkosh Premier Humidifier, every opening of your humidor is a symphony of aroma where your well cared for cigars will feel and light just like you were in Havana.

Originally $69.95

Now $39.99

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